About Dr. Stephany

Stephany Mahaffey, PhD
Florida Licensed Psychologist – PY9160

Dr. Stephany is a Counseling Psychologist with a breadth of experience from family counseling to individual therapy. Previous experience includes seven years of college counseling, in addition to years of training in community mental health, college counseling, and Bureau of Prisons. 

Dr. Stephany strives to address power differences in the therapy room as well as addressing power discrepancies in our communities. She is open to any feedback and suggestions for improvement. Do not hesitate to reach out with a question, comment, or suggestion.

Email: drstephany@authenticlifetransitions.com
Text or Call: 407-965-3563

Physical Address

3001 Aloma Ave, Suite 204 
Winter Park, Florida

Digital Address

**Text or Email for additional availability for telehealth sessions** doxy.me/drstephany